Spiritual PhytoEssencing™

What are Soul Blends and Spiritual PhytoEssencing™?
Essential oils lovingly, respectfully and skillfully blended together to represent a mirror image of an individual’s soul print. These very special blends are designed to elicit a ‘spiritual-soul’ response and will, therefore, work on a very different level to classical aromatherapy. The formulation of the Soul Blend is based on Dr. Bruce Berkowsky’s Spiritual PhytoEssencing™. Dr. Berkowsky believes that all chronic disease, and to a great extent human unhappiness, is characterized by inertia or “stuckness” and that disharmony on both physical and emotional levels emanates from a deep-seated central disturbance, which ripples outward to the more superficial planes of being. The basic premise of Spiritual Phytoessencing™ is that the soul is the epicenter of this central disturbance. When the soul becomes distracted by the stresses and disturbances of the finite world it loses its connection with its Source. The purpose of the SPE™custom blend is to provide a nucleus of pure soul energy, unencumbered by the restrictions of ego, around which the human soul can organize. As the soul reorganizes itself it is drawn to restore its orientation towards the Infinite. When this happens one’s perspective changes from limitations to limitlessness and one moves from a state of ‘stuckness’ and potential for disease to a state of progress with the potential for true healing. “Your soul print is your spiritual signature. It is the contour and content of your soul – its character.” Marc Gafni – Soul Prints – Your Path to Fulfilment. Each and every one of us has their own unique ‘Soul Print” and the purpose of the carefully formulated SPE™ Blend is to lead one through all the necessary steps so that one can recognize one’s own individual Soul Print, face it, transform it and integrate it into oneself. A replanting of self in holiness.

How does the Soul Blend work?
Each of us consists of both a compensated self, which develops through adaptation in order to survive in the world and a core self, which contains all the qualities of the soul without limitation. While the compensated self may operate very successfully in society, it may not be consistent with the essential nature of the soul. This inconsistency is the root cause of a psycho-spiritual crisis. Many people will comment that they feel like they have a hidden self, or, that even though things are going well for them, they feel discontent and just don’t know why. Using a soul blend helps the individual to connect with the soul at a deep level. Once there is recognition of the Self and ones’ patterns, there is often a deep understanding of how the soul was ‘necessarily’ compensated in order to get this far in life. In most cases, recognition at this deeply personal level is ‘profound’ for just about everyone. It is such a deeply felt state that it cannot be ignored since it connects one to deep inner wisdom and personal truth. This sense of awareness is the first step in healing. As Dr. Berkowsky suggests, it is at this point, that the soul naturally restores its orientation towards the infinite. This by nature strengthens the soul character of the individual. The Soul Blends interface directly with the soul and when there is ‘stuckness’ it imparts the strength and courage to assist the soul to move forward. Instead of inertia, the soul is guided by its own wisdom to make new choices that reflect its’ soul nature. Working at this level can open a gateway to true healing and living in one's divine being and purpose.

What does the process involve?
The initial consultation takes about two hours and covers all areas of life. There is then a timeline of approximately one week during which time the case taking is referenced to the SPE™ Materia Medica and the individual soul blend is created. This is then allowed to 'marry' for several days before a homeopathic potency is made up. Once this is complete the client receives their individual essential oil soul blend and potency with full instructions on their use. The process on the part of the SPE™ Practitioner is one of observation. There is no judgment nor is there any intention of trying to alter any pattern. Rather it is an attempt to capture as accurately as possible a mirror of the individual’s soul print. A good blend should resonate with one’s soul print and help one to come into contact with one’s soul on a daily basis. The blend becomes the bridge that safely crosses the chasm of who one is at a deep soul level and who one knows oneself to be in the world.

The first blend is usually effective for 6 to 9 months. Follow up blends are usually effective for longer around 12 to 18 months.

Consultations are generally done in person, however, arrangements can be made to do them via telephone, Zoom or Skype.