Reiki Initiations

Reiki Initiations by Beverley

These are offered By Appointment, at a time that will fit into your schedule and Beverley's.

Beverley offers Reiki in three levels.
  • Reiki I initiates one into the Reiki energy. One is able to give both self-treatments and treatments to others and for many, this is as far as they take their training.
  • Reiki II initiates one more deeply into the Reiki energy and for those who wish to become Practitioners, it is recommended that they continue to this level. The Reiki symbols and Distance Healing are taught at Level II.
  • Reiki III (also known as the Master or Teacher Level) is for those who wish to teach Reiki.

10 Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of Reiki!
  1. Reiki is first and foremost for self-care and self-healing.
  2. Reiki is easy to learn.
  3. Reiki is simple and easy to do requiring no fancy tools or elaborate setup.
  4. Reiki is always available and can be given anywhere, at any time.
  5. Daily self-treatments bring balance to body, mind, and spirit, reducing stress and strengthening well-being.
  6. Reiki can be used as often as needed, especially at those times when pain, anxiety, and stress are being experienced.
  7. Reiki provides support and healing for all physical conditions.
  8. Reiki provides support and healing for all emotional traumas and concerns.
  9. Reiki is not a dogma, specific doctrine, belief system, or religion; however, it can be a path to deeper spirituality.
  10. Reiki is a gift to share with others; friends, family, pets, and plants can all benefit from this unique energy.