Aromatherapy Consultations

To reach the individual we need an individual remedy. Each of us is a unique message. It is only the unique remedy that will suffice. We must, therefore, seek odiferous substances which present affinities with the human being we intend to treat, those which will compensate for his deficiencies and those which will make his faculties blossom.
Marguerite Maury, The Secrets of Life and Youth

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the enhancement of body, mind, and spirit through the use of essential oils. In addition to being an aromatic delight to the senses, essential oils are complex, chemical components. It is these very complex chemical components which impart to the essential oil its unique therapeutic qualities. Essential oils have long been used to influence and restore balance to body, mind, and spirit. A true gift of Nature in a little bottle.

Aromatherapy is beneficial and effective in the treatment of many conditions both physical and emotional including Stress and Stress-Related Conditions; Depression; Insomnia; Headaches, Migraine; Muscular Aches & Pains; Colds & Flu; Circulatory Problems; Digestive Problems; Menstrual Problems, PMS and Menopause.

The Aromatherapy Consultation

Regardless of the type of blend created, every successful blend will move through 4 phases.
  1. Assessment - Part 1 of the Client Consultation.
    To start with all pertinent health information is collected and entered into a Client Health Record.  Further discussion will pinpoint the areas of concern and identify the focus and aim of the blend.
  2. Planning - Part 2 of the Client Consultation.
    Based on the information collected during the Assessment, the type of blend, as well as the relevant essential oils, carriers, and methods of application, including frequency and duration, will be chosen.  Finally, the Customized Aromatherapy Product will be created and given to the client.
  3. Implementation - This is the phase where the client uses the blend and follows the treatment protocol.
  4. Evaluation - It is always important to check in and review whether the blend and treatment protocol is working.  If they are no further steps are needed.  If there is room for improvement, it is time to go back to Phase 2 and consider whether the blend and or treatment protocol just needs a little tweaking, or whether it needs to be changed completely.  Phases 2, 3 and 4 can be repeated as needed.
Types of Blends and Aromatherapy Products
There are so many different reasons to create a special blend/synergy and here are some examples of the type of blends and Aromatherapy Products one might create.
  • Physical issues e.g. a headache, PMS, muscle aches and pains, colds or flu, etc.
  • Emotional issues e.g. anxiety, grief, depression, nervous tension, etc.
  • As custom blends are created to address the individual as a whole, the blend may well address a combination of physical and emotional issues.
  • A blend to use during a spiritual practice e.g. meditation, prayer, energy healing, etc.
  • For use in a beauty product whether that is part of a beauty routine, like a facial, or body wrap, or part of hydrotherapy for relaxation.
  • Blends for use around the house.  In a diffuser for ambiance, or in a cleaning product.
  • A custom Natural Perfume.