Aromatic Kinesiology

Aromatic Kinesiology, developed by Robbie Zeck, an Australian N.D. and aromatherapist, and incorporating her 25 years of clinical experience, is a gentle approach to bring balance and facilitate positive change.  Muscle testing is used to determine the essential oil, the Heart Blossoming Point (acupuncture point) and course of treatment required.

What is Aromatic Kinesiology used for?

Aromatic Kinesiology is used in a number of different ways including:
  • Balancing Meridians
  • Alleviating Stress
  • Emotional Stress Release Technique, which assists in diffusing past, present and/or future events that are stressful.
  • Time Tracking, which identifies and defuses the original point of emotional reference, where the feeling was first experienced and provides a safe passage back to the subconscious through positive emotional reinforcement and helps to initiate positive change.
  • Cook's Energy Enhancer Technique, which can be used to create inner calm, let the mind relax before sleep, lessen anxiety and inner churning, see things with a better perspective, focus the mind more effectively, think more clearly, comprehend and learn information more easily, ease fatigue while reading, assist with dyslexia and stuttering, release stress from the body.
  • Healing Endeavour Process, which can be viewed as a desire that you would like to achieve, your next step in life, a healing intention or simply a goal.

What to expect during your session?
The consultation takes between 30 - 60 minutes and muscle testing will be used to determine the correct essential oil, Heart Blossoming Point as well as duration and intensity of protocol. The therapist will then use the essential oil on you while holding specific points and reading the Essential Oil Reflection. At the end of this session, the home application protocol will be explained to you.

Home Application Protocol You will be given a supply of the oil and information on where and how often it should be applied to the appropriate Heart Blossoming Point.  Where appropriate you will also be given an affirmation to use.