Akashic Records Consultation

Is there a record of every emotion, feeling, idea or action 
that ever existed since the beginning of time? 
Is there a field of information available 
that gives insight into future possibilities and probabilities? 
Yes, there is  -  it is called the Akashic Records!

The Akashic Records can be described as the energetic imprint of every action, feeling, thought or emotion that has ever existed.  All past, present, and future possibilities are to be found here.  Consulting the Akashic Records allows one an opportunity to view things from the very different perspective of the soul.  Glimpsing the soul-level truth of ourselves helps us to recognize more easily, the choices, experiences, people, activities and other elements of life that will support our living in conscious alignment with who we truly are.  By viewing the past and present we are given insight into where we are on our journey, the lessons we have learned and are learning, as well as the dynamics that underlie our relationships.  The Akashic Records can also give one insight into what possibilities and probabilities lie in the future should certain choices be made.  Ultimately the individual always has free choice and the future will therefore always depend on the choices that are made.
Each person’s individual Record consists of two parts.  The blueprint of their soul, which is immutable and never changes; and the dynamic story of their journey through time as a human being, which reflects their conscious evolution.  Accessing this information can provide valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities found on the journey through life.  People have consulted the Records: 
To get information about their life path and purpose; 
To gain a better understanding of the challenges they face, including the reasons for those challenges and the gifts to be found in these challenges; 
To gain a better understanding of their relationships, their patterns and their dynamics.

Because consulting the Akashic Records is very interactive and based on asking questions, it is important to ask the right sort of questions.  Asking questions that start with When don’t work well.  As the Akashic Records are eternal, Time is not particularly relevant here.  Asking questions that have a yes-or-no answer also doesn’t work well in the Records.  Each individual has free will, so ultimately the final choice is always up to them. 

The best questions to ask are those that answer the questions What, Why or How for example:
Why are my partner and I together?
What are we meant to learn?
What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of our being together at this time?
Our relationship is strained/broken/irreparable.  What happened to make it so?
What am I not seeing, and why am I not seeing it?
How can I change my perspective and see what I need to see?
What can I do right now to find peace, forgiveness, and healing?

Beverley would be happy to open your Records for you and explore the answers to your questions with you.
Akashic Records Consultations are generally done in person, however, arrangements can be made to do them via Skype or telephone.